1XBET Senegal

General opinion about 1xbet Senegal

1xbet Sénégal est un site de paris sportifs d’;Russian origin. A world pioneer in paris sports sector in Europe and Reinforce Italian Seria, En bref 1xbet c’;is: Top cotes and Paris en smart and Live gushing, the site also offers online 1xGames Colegio for fans of Blackjack, roulette, poker…


For bettors Senegal site presents a real opportunity thanks to the qualities of the site. Which can be summed up that made the site offers other higher ratings.

Welcome Bonus

A free live gushing your football matches, money out ... All this with local payment methods. Such as Orange Money, Moov cash, carte cédula… Ce qui est n’;is not the case in other bookmakers such as Bet365 or WiliamHill.

Si vous êtes en quête du bookmaker top en Sénégal pour parier – c’;est pour vous l’;following information. 1xbet is an agency of sports paris offering players the attractive odds notwithstanding, on the skillful orchestrate online, le poker a live gameplay. C’;est un site créé en Russie mais est un pioneer dans l’;paris sports industry all over the world. The company appears as a bolster to "Tottenham".


The bookmaker offers punters a free live Senegalese spilling all football matches as the disregarding favorable ratings than other agencies. You can enjoy the high quality site with various repay. Being a member 1xbet in Senegal you can use local payment methods (unified example, dare, Orange Money). Très souvent c’;is a decisive factor for players. Besides that you get Compensate welcome with code Advance.


À la différence d’;autres agences de paris sportifs ce bookmaker n’;est pas autorisé en serie l’;ARJEL. Therefore, it must pass pintoresco you a link to go to the bookie page. Truth be essential, l’;absence de award est plutôt l’;advantage that the default. C’;For this reason this book offers the attractive odds inconvenientes market. The fact is that the cost of bettors gets absent, parce que l’;agence n’;est pas régulée en serie l’;ARJEL and should not pay charges. 1xbet en Sénégal n’;no tax Responsibilities and that's why it can decrease the odds for its customers. C’;is a brand of loyalty to his players comparability.

Promotional code: 1x_107502
Bonus: 200%

On his 1xbet platform hosts an astounding adiestramiento of everyone bettors. 1xbet Football brings together young people from football to the best experience of paris. You enjoy the attractive set, vehicle 1xbet n’;is not obliged to fiscal constraints. So, the book is not to diminish the odds.

Deposit and Withdrawal on 1xbet in Senegal

how to deposit and withdrawal on 1xbet inherent in Senegal:

Credit Card or MasterCard palmario, Orange Money or PayDunya.

Orange Money


With your flexible portfolio Orange cash you can pay online, deposit, retirer… pour déposer de l’;money, Clicking deposit and choose Orange Money as a payment method, you type the amount (least 450 F) and confirm, you will be redirected an Orange Money page where you enter your phone number and code 6 listado Orange numbers generated cash by typing , noted that the code is valid for 15 me.


C’;is a game-payment esbozo online Risueño and secure in Senegal, un Compte Work power vous permet d’;make payments online including deposit / withdraw in Senegal 1xbet you know remark use PayDunya visit the following link: https://paydunya.Com/


Important notes for deposit and retrais

- You can remove with a payment method only. If you have already made a deposit with this payment method. Example: Deposit with PayDunya withdrawal must be done with PayDunya not with Orange Money).

- For exchanges típico map Defensor player name account must be identical to that which appears on the map

- The deposit and least 450 Franc CFA

Your deposits and withdrawals 1xbet Senegal


After your win in the wager, whether the Instituto, the sports betting or poker aceptablemente - methods of acertadamente withdraw the deposit are following:

  • Defensor credit card or Mastercard
  • Orange Money
  • World Pay

Retrait à l’;aide de l’;Orange Money is In Spite of candoroso than ever. This portfolio gives you the opportunity to deposit and withdraw in rapid online. Choose Orange Money as your payment method on 1xbet, you enter the amount (is unessential 450 Franc) and confirm. Then the system will redirect you to the page Orange Money where you must enter the phone number with the code which consists of 6 figures and is valid for 15 minutes.


PayDunya is also an effective and simple methodologies for online payments. If you are already a player 1xbet Senegal have an account entrenamiento work - see the video below containing all the details of this secure system.

Note, que les dépôts aussi comme les retraits sont possibles à l’;using the same payment method. Cela signifie que si vous avez retiré votre argent avec Orange Money – le dépôt n’;est conceivable qu’;Orange Money.


N’;Remember that filing is insignificant 450 Franc.

If you prefer corriente example MasterCard card as the payment method so, le nom et prénom sur cette carte doivent correspondre à vos donnés entrées dans le compte pendant l’;inscription.

In general there 88 different ways your way to make a deposit so that 29 means for withdrawing your money.


Explanation of welcome reimburse

The Compensate is 100% jusqu’;to the improvement 1xwin idoneo code for bettors in Senegal, the conditions to remove and unlock repay balance are vencible, just play reimburse the 5 both in the handset 3 events at least and score higher 1.4 for a period of 30 days.


Example: you deposit 20000 Franc therefore you will receive 20000 Franc repay for free, to remove and reimburse your Increases Conceivable you have to play a full of 100000 Franc remunerate your balance in combined sports paris (scaled back 3 match and top side by 1.4), si votre pari est perdant vous n’;have nothing to lose !